About Falentina


“Why do you put that thing on your head?”, “What is the use of covering your beauty for a man?, “You look prettier without hijab”, “Don’t you feel hot in that?”, “You don’t need to wear hijab as long as you have a good heart”, “Why would you wear a hijab? you are not an Arab.”, “You don’t need a hijab, you are beautiful. Be more confident”. “Are you a girl? or a boy? because I can’t see your hair”.

These kind of stereotypes and social judgments as well as curiosities has been experienced by many muslim women in general. We believe that there's no one in this world deserves to feel that they are belong to nowhere and felt unacceptable just because their personal choices are different than anybody else. 

In 2020, a new chapter has begin, FALENTINA was proudly discovered to support muslim women in their journey to be a better Muslimah. 

Became one of the first modest fashion brands in Australia, we understand that we are not here just to provide women with the most comfortable, stylish and affordable range of clothing and headscarves, but we're also here to remind and support muslim women to appreciate their values that we are not too different, we are just the other kind of beauty, called ‘UNIQUE’.

"Do you know that you are the coolest person that ever exist? because you are the only 'you' in this  universe. you are unique and precious. be proud!". Sarah Farisa.